Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos delegation visits Qatar to reaffirm Doha's stance against terrorism

A delegation from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos operation arrived in Qatar on an official visit on Sunday morning.

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Derna Shura Council vows to hand over body of pro-Haftar pilot

Derna Shura Council said Sunday that it would hand over the body of the pilot Adel Al-Jahani to a committee of the city's elders, which will coordinate with his family for taking the body.

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Libya beats Algeria, nears qualification to 2018 African Nations Championship

The Libyan national football team won 2-1 over Algeria at Al-Shahid Hamlawi Stadium in Algiers as part of the first leg matches of 2018 African Nations Championship, which will be hosted by Kenya.

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Libya Constitution – Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Transitional Measures

Article 181: Transitional Justice Measures

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UNICEF: Over half a million Libyan children require humanitarian aids

The UNICEF Regional Director, Geert Cappelaere, said that 550,000 children need assistance due the political instability, on-going conflict, displacement, and economic collapse after years of the Libyan crisis.

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Leaked emails unveil extradition of Libyan detainees by Saudi authorities to pro-Haftar eastern government

Emails between Libya's consulate in Jeddah and Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry confirmed the handing over of Libyan detainees in Saudi Arabia to "Libyan government," without clarifying which government of the three ones

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Audit Bureau employee abducted in Tripoli’s Abu Salim district

Two employees from the Libyan Audit Bureau – Mohammed Al-Jabri and Mustafa Abu Salah – were abducted from in front Al-Khadra Hospital in Abu Salim, Tripoli, last Monday, according to a statement by the bureau.

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Libya Constitution – Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Army and Police

Article 177: State Monopoly over the Armed Forces

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