Libya Constitution – Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Independent Constitutional Bodies

Article 154: Independence of Constitutional Bodies

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Libyans say no to Italy but yes to the rest of the world

Now as never before, the wounds of the Libyan people started aching in reminiscence of the old bad days. It is Italy, the wounds echoed for some and we have to reject unstitching them in all means possible.

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Wehda Hospital in besieged Derna confirms receiving medical supplies

Wehda Hospital in the besieged city of Derna in eastern Libya has received a copy of the order of the Omar Al-Mukhtar Operations Room of Dignity Operation that allows supply of medicines and medical equipment to the ho

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UN-proposed government's Foreign Minister given finance portfolio amid corruption gossip

The Head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the UN-proposed government Fayez Al-Sirraj appointed the Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala as the acting Financial Minister without giving further details why the minister, O

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Seven civilians found dead in landfill in Benghazi

Seven people have been brutally tortured before being murdered in Benghazi, local sources reported.

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Libya Constitution – Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Local Government

Article 143: Decentralization

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Coffee in Tripoli – Tea in Benghazi

I had coffee the other day in Algeria Square in central Tripoli.  I was passing by and was invited to sit with a group of men who kindly offered me some local coffee.

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Al-Itihad crowned champion of Libyan Handball League for ninth time

For the ninth time in its history, Al-Itihad has won the title of the Libyan Handball League after beating Al-Hilal from Benghazi 20-16 at Gharyan sports hall on Sunday.

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