Italian vessel sails off Tripoli Naval Base as another arrives Tuesday

The Spokesman of the Libyan Navy Ayoub Qassim said Sunday the Italian vessel, Comandante Borsini, left Tripoli Naval Base after five days of a working visit that saw Italian experts and technicians conducting a closeup

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Presidential Council denounces the siege of Derna, appeals to Dignity Operation forces to break it

The Presidential Council of the UN proposed government denounced the siege on the city of Derna, which is causing what could become a humanitarian disaster due to a lack of medicines, medical supplies and foodstuffs.

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Libyan Cuisine: Couscous Aslooz

Cheap and Cheerful are the best words to introduce this lovely meal. Couscous Aslooz is a popular Libyan dish, especially in the west region of the country.

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Libya Constitution – Chapter Five

Chapter Five- Constitutional Court

Article 135: Independence of the Constitutional Court

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Libya, Turkey review health cooperation

Minister for Health, Omar Tahir, held a meeting Sunday morning with a delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Health represented by the head of the Department of International Health Policy Salami Kilitic.

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Libya Constitution – Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Judicial Authority

Article 118: Independence of Judiciary

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New UN envoy to Libya arrives in Tripoli

The head of UN- proposed Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, met Saturday with the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Ghassan Salame, who arrived at Mitiga Airport on his first offici

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Release of three Libyans detained in Saudi Arabia denied

Sources close to the Libyan detainees in Saudi Arabia claim that news on social networking pages about the release of the three Libyans held by the Saudi authorities is nothing but rumor.

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