Gunmen kill Libyan footballer for half a million dinars

Former Libyan football player, Salim Aoun, has been found dead after his body was discovered buried in a farm in the area of Qenaouia south of Sorman town, 60 km west of Tripoli.

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Libya Constitution – Chapter Three

Chapter Three

System of Governance Legislative Authority

Article 67: The Shura Council

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Tribal leader escapes second assassination attempt in Benghazi

Sheikh of Ajdabiya’s Magharba tribe, Saleh Latawish, survived an assassination attempt in Benghazi on Friday.

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Misrata, east Libya delegations meet in Cairo Thursday

Misrata and eastern region's delegations met Thursday in Cairo, Egypt, under the auspices of Egyptian government after their meeting was not successful yesterday due to misconduct by eastern delegation members, who are

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Italy: Khalifa Haftar’s threat to bomb Italian vessels is propaganda

The Italian government has downplayed the

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Unified command for Libyan Army to be selected

The Operation Room of Al-Bonyan Al-Marsoos (ORBM) has agreed to select a unified command for the Libyan National Army and the backup forces of revolutionary brigades on August 14.

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General Commander of Dignity Operation wants to meddle in Libyan constitution draft

A video posted on Facebook has revealed the amount of pressure that the members of the Constitution Drafting Assembly in the city of Al-Bayda were subjected to in order to delay the vote on the draft Libyan constitution.

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Libya's eastern commander vows to destroy Italian warships if sailed to Libyan water

The Libyan eastern commander of Dignity Operation forces, Khalifa Haftar, has ordered to bombard any warships sailing into the Libyan waters, in a U-turn that could see escalations between eastern Libya and the UN-prop

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