Woman killed by indiscriminate fire from armed clashes in Libya's Tajoura district

The Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus spokesman Osama Ali confirmed in press statements the death of a woman as a result of her head injury from indiscriminate fire from the clashes that took place in the Tajoura district, east of Tripoli, on Tuesday night.

Ali added that the Tajoura Ambulance Office's team redirected people in the Al-Masif area (beach area) to Wadi Al-Rabie road. 

Tajoura has witnessed uneasy calm since the dawn hours after the violent clashes on Tuesday night between the "Rahbat Al-Duroo and Shahida (Martyr) Sabria" brigades.


Libyan-Turkish forum to be hosted next September in Tripoli

The Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Government of National Unity announced on Monday, the holding of a Libyan-Turkish forum next September in the city of Tripoli, with the participation of the private sectors in both countries.

This came during the reception of the Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohammed Al-Hawij, with the new Turkish ambassador to Libya, Gokin Begec, according to the ministry Facebook page.

Both sides discussed bilateral relations and the importance of completing what was agreed upon during the Prime Minister’s visit to Turkey last March.


Al-Nasser tops six-team group of Libyan Premier League

Al-Nasser won 2-0 against Al-Ahly Tripoli on Sunday as part of third round matches of the six-team group of Libyan Premier League, which is being held in Italy. 

Al-Nasser's win is the third in a row scoring 9 points and thus topping the group leaving Al-Ahly Tripoli behind it with 6 points. 

With three wins, Al-Nasser now needs one more win out of the two upcoming and final matches it will play in the six-team group against Al-Hilal and Al-Madina. 


Libya ranks 1st in 2024 ICT in Africa

Libya has topped African countries in the 2024 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development Index.

According to the index released by the International Telecommunication Union, Libya advanced to the first position on the continent, having previously ranked fifth last year, as reported on the "Hakomitna" Facebook page on Monday.


GNU announces academic calendar for 2024-2025

The Ministry of Education in the Government of National Unity has announced (GNU) the start of the new academic year 2024-2025 for primary and secondary education on September 1.

The announcement follows Minister of Education Musa Al-Maqrif's Decision No. (984) for 2024, published by the ministry on its official Facebook page.

The ministry also released a letter from the Director General of the Educational Curriculum and Research Center, which includes detailed schedules for study and exams for all educational levels (primary and secondary) for the upcoming academic year.


PM Dbeibeh stresses urgency in public tender execution

Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh has emphasized the urgent need to implement all provisions of the public tender, focusing on direct contracts with pharmaceutical manufacturers and streamlining documentation processes to ensure timely completion.

During a meeting with Acting Health Minister Ramadan Abu Jinnah and key health and financial officials, Dbeibeh addressed the progress and challenges of the public tender and reiterated the importance of the national project, which has been stalled for years.


Do parties to conflict pay attention to upcoming menace?

Each party continues to perpetuate the current situation, immersed in its conflicts, with hopes of winning and overthrowing opponents. Libyan entities and personalities may not fully grasp the danger of the next stage for the future of the Libyan entity. Alternatively, they might recognize that major powers are paving the way for Libya to become a new arena of conflict—a hot spot where they settle their scores. These powers negotiate and conclude deals, shaping what the next world order will be. Unfortunately, Libyan parties seem incapable of acting effectively to spare the country from its dire scenarios.

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