News Headlines, Friday, June 21, 2024

Warning of imminent disaster in Kufra due to Sudanese refugees

Oil Minister decries inability to resume his duties

Turkey welcomes Libya's voter registration for municipal elections, urges broad participation

Dbeibah extends condolences to Chadian president after deadly ammunition explosion

Libya blames foreign powers for ongoing crisis, demands end to interference


Al-Hawij directs to activate Libyan-Chinese Economic Chamber

The Minister of Economy and Trade in the Government of National Unity, Mohammed Al-Hawij, has given instructions to activate the work of the joint Libyan-Chinese Economic Chamber.

This came during his meeting on Monday with members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, at the Ministry’s headquarters, to follow up on the Chamber’s work plan, facilitate the work of the private sector, enhance economic cooperation, exchange visits, and form joint cooperation committees between the two countries.


LFF reveals stadiums in which Libyan PL finals will be played

The Libyan Football Federation (LFF) has announced that the Six-Crowning round of the Libyan Premier League (PL) will be organized in the Italian region of Tuscany.

The Federation explained in a post on its official Facebook account that there are 4 stadiums on which the matches will be held.

The LFF published the names of these stadiums: Viola Park Stadium in Florence, Carlo Castellani Stadium in Empoli, and Arena Garibaldi Stadium in Pisa.

The last stadium is "Logobezzino" in the city of Prato, and it will host only one match on July 7th.


New map identifies safe swimming beaches along Libyan coast

The General Directorate of Environmental Sanitation Affairs at the Ministry of Local Government reports that 32 beaches in Libya are unfit for swimming due to pollution. 

The announcement coincides with World Environment Day and follows water quality analyses of recreational beaches along the Libyan coast.

In a press conference on Wednesday, General Director Ibrahim Bin Dakhil presented a map of safe recreational beaches across all Libyan shores, indicating that the results were based on data and analyses conducted by environmental sanitation units throughout the country.


Libya open to new Turkish school affiliated with Maarif Foundation

Minister of Education Musa Al-Maqrif received representatives from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) on Wednesday to discuss the establishment of a new school affiliated with the Turkish Maarif Foundation.

The meeting included TIKA coordinator Ali Benjakcil, assistant coordinator Hassan Mshayekh, and the Turkish Maarif Foundation School deputy head, Ahmed Emre Beqili.

Al-Maqrif emphasized the strategic partnership and historical ties between Libya and Turkey, noting the presence of 14 Libyan schools in Turkey that follow the Libyan curriculum under the Ministry of Education.


Ministry of Health to organize ‘Healthcare Forum and Exhibition’

Ministry of Health of the Government of National Unity has announced the organization of the “16th Healthcare Forum and Exhibition”, with the participation of the largest national, Arab and European companies in various medical fields, June 24-27, 2024 at the Tripoli International Fair grounds.


Fate of MP Ibrahim Al-Dressi

Whenever a forced disappearance committed by criminal gangs in eastern Libya comes to light, it brings to mind previous cases of disappearances and arrests that remain shrouded in mystery. The details surrounding these incidents have not been revealed, and the fate of their victims remains unknown. Perhaps the most famous among them is the disappearance of Mrs Siham Serqiwa, a member of the House of Representatives.

More In brief

Two bodies recovered on Sabratha coast

The Libyan Red Crescent, Sabratha branch, recovered two bodies on the city’s coast on Tuesday evening, after receiving a report from the city police station, according to