Libya Weather Forecast, Sunday, May 26, 2024

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) expects most regions of the country to witness moderate temperature, especially in the northern regions, where it is expected to range between (25-30°C), with the appearance of fog late at night and early tomorrow morning in some regions of the northwest and the Green Mountain highlands. However, maximum temperature is relatively high in southern regions, ranging between (37-43 °C), but expected to record a decline tomorrow in the southwestern regions.

Clouds will increase from time to time today in the areas of Jalo and Al-Jaghbub, and some areas of the southwest, which may be interspersed with thunderstorms.


Libya resumes exploration in Ghadames Basin following NOC acquisition

Nafusa Oil Operations BV announced that the National Oil Corporation (NOC) has acquired the foreign partner's share in developing the North Hamada field, leading to the resumption of exploration activities in Block 47 of the Ghadames Basin, which had been halted since 2014.

In a statement on Friday, the company said this acquisition is expected to facilitate new discoveries in Block 47, which can be quickly developed and connected to the surface facilities currently being completed.


Al-Ahli Tripoli crushes Ittihad, books semi-final spot in Libyan Basketball Cup

Al-Ahli Tripoli basketball team has secured a spot in the semi-finals of the Libyan Basketball Cup after a resounding victory over the Ittihad team in both the first and second legs of the competition.

In the decisive second-leg match held Sunday evening at the Grand Hall in Tripoli, Al-Ahli Tripoli showcased their prowess, defeating the Ittihad with a commanding scoreline of (69-54).

This triumph not only propels Al-Ahli Tripoli into the semi-finals but also dashes their rivals' hopes of retaining the title they secured in the previous season.


EU confirms support for protecting Libya's heritage

The European Union Ambassador to Libya, Nicola Orlando, has reaffirmed the European Union's continued support for Libya in protecting its heritage and identity for future generations.

Orlando pointed out that the EULEAD initiative, which was launched in 2019, helped strengthen the capacities of the Libyan authorities to protect cultural heritage. The initiative included training officers of the Ministry of Interior and the Department of Antiquities with funding from the European Union, in addition to providing them with monitoring and safety equipment.


Minister of Technical Education discusses facilitating procedures for Libyan students into Malaysian universities

The Minister of Technical Education, Yakhalaf Al-Sifaw, has met with a delegation of Malaysian universities and the Malaysian Advisory Council to discuss facilitating the procedures for accepting Libyan students into Malaysian universities.

The meeting, which was held on Sunday, discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation in the fields of technical and applied sciences between the two countries, according to the ministry Facebook page.


Libya discusses establishing Libyan-Italian smart hospital with San Donato Group

A delegation from the Authority for Supporting and Developing Treatment Services met on Friday with representatives from the San Donato Hospital Group in Italy to discuss initiating a project for a Libyan-Italian smart medical hospital.

The meeting grouped the Assistant Health Attaché, the President of the National Authority for Organ, Tissue, and Cell Transplantation, the Director of Tripoli University Hospital, and representatives from the Authority for Development and Improvement of Administrative Centres.


The political aspect of the budget law

In a surprising step, not preceded by the familiar preparations that the House of Representatives has been accustomed to, whenever the force controlling it wanted to pass something. Agila Saleh’s House of Representatives approved an annual budget estimated at more than 90 billion dinars for the parallel government that is not internationally recognized, the largest part of which was allocated to salaries and subsidies.

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Turkey appoints new ambassador to Libya

The Turkish news agency Anka reported the appointment of Güven Begeç as Turkey's new ambassador to Libya, replacing the current ambassador, Kenan Yilmaz.