From Benghazi to Nicaragua: Shady flights despite airspace ban

A charter flight by Ghadames Airlines arrived at Augusto C. Sandino Airport in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua in Central America, on May 23, making it the second flight coming from Libya in less than a week, according to what was published by the flight tracking platform “FlightAware.”

The Italian news agency Nova reported that this second plane took off from Benghazi Airport on May 22 at 2:22 a.m., arriving in Managua in Nicaragua at around 9 a.m., taking about 14 hours and 40 minutes, according to details of the aircraft tracking website FlightAware.


Al-Hweij monitors activities of Libyan companies operating in China

Minister of Economy and Trade Mohammed Al-Hweij held discussions on Sunday with Libyan business leaders operating in China to address their challenges and enhance bilateral economic relations.

The ministry said the initiative aligns with Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh's vision to strengthen ties between Libya and China.



Malta opens new visa application center in Libya's Misrata city

The Embassy of Malta in Libya inaugurated on Monday a new visa application centre in Misrata, in partnership with VFS Global, the Embassy said in a statement.

The statement indicated that the Maltese Ambassador, Charles Saliba, delivered opening remarks highlighting the role played by the Embassy to facilitate commercial and social exchanges between Libya and Malta in order to build ever closer bilateral relations as well as shape a positive narrative regarding the situation in Libya.


GNU, TIKA discuss cooperation in technical and vocational education

The Minister of Technical and Vocational Education of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Ikhlef Al-Sifaw, discussed on Monday with the coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Ali Bujankil, the implementation of several programs and projects in the technical and vocational education sector.


Libyan and Moroccan health officials review cooperation in medicine, insurance

The Deputy Prime Minister of the  Government of National Unity and acting Minister of Health, Ramadan Abu Janah, met with the Minister of Health and Social Protection of Morocco, Khaled Ait Taleb, on the sidelines of the opening activities of the 77th session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, which saw the participation of more than 90 countries.


The political aspect of the budget law

In a surprising step, not preceded by the familiar preparations that the House of Representatives has been accustomed to, whenever the force controlling it wanted to pass something. Agila Saleh’s House of Representatives approved an annual budget estimated at more than 90 billion dinars for the parallel government that is not internationally recognized, the largest part of which was allocated to salaries and subsidies.

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