Municipality of Kufra fears influx of Sudanese refugees without count

Kufra Municipality spokesman Abdullah Suleiman has expressed his fears about the infiltration of immigrants of other nationalities, or those who fled prisons after the Sudan war, as refugees entered the city.

Suleiman said in a press statement that the Sudanese resorting to Kufra constitutes a security burden, especially since their numbers have not been accurately counted until now.


Egypt wants to implement oil projects in Libya

The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Tarek El-Molla confirmed the readiness of his country's specialized companies to begin work and cooperate to implement oil projects in Libya, during a meeting with the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Farhat Bengdara, on the sidelines of participation in the Egypt International Energy Conference and Exhibition “EGYPES2024”, which kick-started on Tuesday in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.


Libyan PM follows up on Tripoli International Stadium's maintenance

The Libyan Prime Minister inspected the maintenance and development work at the Tripoli International Stadium, as workers continued to work on the seats and the pitch of the stadium during the visit, as work on the hybrid turf for the stadium's pitch began three days ago.


Murder of several men takes place in Abu Salim in Tripoli

Identical sources from the Abu Salim area in Tripoli said that 11 people, including brothers, were killed on Saturday night, in what appeared to be a targeted killing operation, while the victims were present in a vacation house in the Al-Hadba Project area of the Abu Salim municipality.

Some sources described what happened as a "massacre," while they did not determine the reason for committing this crime, as it was not possible to obtain official information. Libyan social media circulated conflicting information about the incident since Sunday morning.


Libyan Ministry of Higher Education approves 6,000 students for overseas scholarships

The Central Committee for Scholarships Abroad announced that the number of beneficiaries of scholarships to study abroad reached approximately 6,000 students, adding that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research gave permission to initiate the procedures for the documentary session of financial authorization for the students to study abroad.

The committee added that it formed 26 subcommittees in universities to set controls and standards, noting the exclusion of a group of students: those over the legal age and those who received transfer decisions at home, replacement decisions, and scholarships abroad.


Minister of Health confirms availability of oncology treatment drugs inside Libya

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Ramadan Abu Janah has confirmed the availability of oncology treatment drugs inside the country.

This came during a meeting of the security committee charged with monitoring the health sector, which was chaired by the Minister of Health to follow up and address the obstacles facing the file of oncology patients.


Current developments of the Libyan crisis

There were reports of arrangements for a meeting in Morocco between Mohamed Takala, Head of the High Council of State, and Agila Saleh, Speaker of the House of Representatives. The purpose of the meeting is to resume consultations on controversial issues in election laws and unify the executive authority.

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Court convicts 58 in passport forgery ring

The Criminal Court issued a verdict convicting 58 defendants who were part of a gang involved in forging documents of the Passports, Nationality, and Foreign Affairs Serv