Getting out of the inferno, ex-inmate shares story of atrocities in Libya’s most notorious prison

Qarnada is a village in eastern Libya, about 250 kilometres northeast of Benghazi. It is linked to the country’s most notorious prison run by a mix of militia groups. 

Under the direct command of warlord Khalifa Haftar and his sons, hundreds of opponents to the military and political ambitions of Haftar face physical, psychological and sexual torture in Qarnada Prison with no right to a fair trial.

In the prison, time goes very slowly. A day passes like a month, and a month passes like a year. It’s a real inferno on Earth, according to survivors. 


African Development Bank eyes investments in pharmaceutical industry in Libya

The Director of the African Development Bank, Al-Azizi Mohammed, has said that the bank aims to invest in the field of pharmaceutical industry and to digitize the health sector in Libya, as well as to establish advanced infrastructure in the country, support development projects, raise the capabilities of the private sector, and build a clear and transparent partnership with Libyan institutions.


Al-Ahli Tripoli crushes Ittihad, books semi-final spot in Libyan Basketball Cup

Al-Ahli Tripoli basketball team has secured a spot in the semi-finals of the Libyan Basketball Cup after a resounding victory over the Ittihad team in both the first and second legs of the competition.

In the decisive second-leg match held Sunday evening at the Grand Hall in Tripoli, Al-Ahli Tripoli showcased their prowess, defeating the Ittihad with a commanding scoreline of (69-54).

This triumph not only propels Al-Ahli Tripoli into the semi-finals but also dashes their rivals' hopes of retaining the title they secured in the previous season.


EU ambassador calls for protecting Libyan cultural heritage from looting and smuggling

The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Libya, Nicola Orlando, called for the need to protect Libyan cultural heritage from plunder, trafficking and vandalism, noting that the heritage represents “rich and shared Mediterranean roots."

The EU Ambassador opened Sunday in Tripoli an international conference on protecting the Libyan cultural heritage, in which 20 experts from five European countries, archaeological missions and representatives of law enforcement agencies from Italy participated, in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities and the Tourist Police of the Ministry of the Interior.


Minister of Technical Education discusses facilitating procedures for Libyan students into Malaysian universities

The Minister of Technical Education, Yakhalaf Al-Sifaw, has met with a delegation of Malaysian universities and the Malaysian Advisory Council to discuss facilitating the procedures for accepting Libyan students into Malaysian universities.

The meeting, which was held on Sunday, discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation in the fields of technical and applied sciences between the two countries, according to the ministry Facebook page.


Libya adopts new mental health strategy with WHO support

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Libya's Ministry of Health have jointly announced the approval of the National Mental Health Strategy 2024-2030.

Following a two-day workshop in Misrata, which brought together mental health experts from across Libya and the WHO, the strategy aims to address pressing mental health challenges by focusing on prevention, early detection, treatment, and ongoing monitoring of mental illnesses.

The initiative also seeks to establish a comprehensive healthcare system, ensuring all citizens receive high-quality mental health services and support. 


Features of the US role in the post-Bathily era

The resignation of the UN envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, did not constitute a significant development at the local level, for several reasons, the most important of which was his inability to make any breakthrough into the crisis, and the decline of UNSMIL’s role in general in almost all files. However, it is considered an important event at regional and international levels, driving countries involved in the Conflict, to prepare for all possible scenarios following the resignation.

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Al-Kabir follows up on situation of LFB

The Governor of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir, has met with the Chairman of the Management Committee and the Director General of the Libyan Foreign