Libya participates in Islamic Conference of Information Ministers in Istanbul

A Libyan delegation participated in the Extraordinary Session of Islamic Conference of Information Ministers of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Under the theme: “The Israeli Occupying Authority’s Disinformation and Hostilities against Journalists and Media Outlets in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” in Istanbul on Saturday.

The session addressed media misinformation and Israeli violations against journalists in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Libyan Central Bank mulls withdrawal of 50 dinars banknotes

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) is considering withdrawing the 50 dinars banknotes from circulation, according to a mechanism that will be announced later, as the Governor, Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir, confirmed the existence of a plan allowing the banknotes to be accepted and deposited in accordance with the controls and procedures for money laundering and combating terrorism.


Libya qualifies for group stage in AfroBasket

Libyan national basketball team has qualified for the group stage of the African Championship qualifiers, as part of the second leg of the first round of the AfroBasket 2025 qualifiers in the Tunisian city of Monastir.

This came at the expense of the Moroccan team, as the two teams in Tunisia tied in the first leg with a score of (75-75) and the Libyan team won in the return match (71-63).

Thus, the Libyan national team returns to the African Elimination group stage after an absence of 4 years, ensuring a place in the second group along with Cape Verde, Nigeria and Uganda.


Murder of several men takes place in Abu Salim in Tripoli

Identical sources from the Abu Salim area in Tripoli said that 11 people, including brothers, were killed on Saturday night, in what appeared to be a targeted killing operation, while the victims were present in a vacation house in the Al-Hadba Project area of the Abu Salim municipality.

Some sources described what happened as a "massacre," while they did not determine the reason for committing this crime, as it was not possible to obtain official information. Libyan social media circulated conflicting information about the incident since Sunday morning.


Maltese ambassador lauds Libyan teachers as champions of innovative thinking

In a ceremony held on Sunday, teachers from Mokhtar International School were recognized for their achievements in Libya's first-ever "Teaching the Teachers" project.

The project, which focuses on the "Lateral Thinking" methodology pioneered by the late Maltese Professor Edward De Bono, was inaugurated in the presence of Charles Saliba, the Maltese Ambassador to Libya.

The event served as a platform to showcase the dedication and success of these teachers in implementing De Bono's concept, which emphasizes alternative approaches to problem-solving and critical thinking.


Minister of Health confirms availability of oncology treatment drugs inside Libya

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Ramadan Abu Janah has confirmed the availability of oncology treatment drugs inside the country.

This came during a meeting of the security committee charged with monitoring the health sector, which was chaired by the Minister of Health to follow up and address the obstacles facing the file of oncology patients.


Fragile Hopes in a Tumultuous Libya: From Abu Salim's Tragedy to a Nation on the Brink

Introduction: In the labyrinth of Libya's ongoing turmoil, the fragility of security and the volatility of political dynamics are starkly revealed. Recent events have cast a shadow over Tripoli, unveiling the depth of the nation's distress. This article delves into these critical issues, from the massacre in Abu Salim to the fluctuating regional alliances, the uncertain political horizon, and the crumbling economy, as Libya approaches the crucial juncture of Ramadan.

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Libyan-Saudi talks on media cooperation

The Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs, Walid Al-Lafi, has discussed with the Saudi Minister of Information, Salman Al-Dosari, ways of cooperation