UK ambassador focuses on strengthening trade relationship with Libya on her Benghazi visit

The United Kingdom's (UK) ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall, concluded her three-day visit to Benghazi and eastern Libya, stressing on Twitter that she had focused on the economy and strengthening the UK's trade partnership with the region.

The British ambassador met with Khalifa Haftar, House of Representatives' Speaker Aqila Saleh, and a number of political and social leaders, activists, and representatives of a number of local companies in the region.


National Oil Corporation wins Ras Lanuf case against Emirati company

Libya's National Oil Company (NOC) won a case against its Emirati ex-partner Trasta Energy, a subsidiary of Al Ghurair group, before the Paris Court of Appeals, Africa Intelligence website has reported.

The website said the two companies were part of the consortium Libyan Emirates Oil Refining Co (LERCO), founded in 2008 to operate the Ras Lanuf refinery. However, the refinery suffered after the 2011 revolution and was shut down two years later. 


Nasr club condemns attack on basketball team at Mitiga Airport

The Nasr Basketball Club has condemned the assault on its team by police officers at Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli.

The club said a group of police officers physically assaulted the team in the airport while on their way home to Benghazi.

The club's administration held the security authorities, including the Ministry of Interior and the Tripoli Security Directorate, accountable for the "brutal acts."

It called on the Basketball Association to provide security for the players and staff of national teams in cooperation with the relevant authorities.


Rare bird spotted in Libya for third time

A bird species that hadn’t been seen in Libya for nearly 15 years made a surprising return on May 14.

The Libyan Organization for Conservation of Nature confirmed this is the third time the Terek sandpiper has ever been spotted in Libya and the first in the Western region.

The previous records were both in the eastern parts of the country in 2008.

The species was spotted by the Organization's team while on a trip it conducted in coordination with the Misrata Environmental Affairs Monitor to the wetlands in Misrata.


National companies to print school books for next year

The Education Ministry has licensed 24 national companies to print school textbooks for the next academic year.

A statement by the ministry said that Minister of Education Mohammed Al-Maqrif convened a meeting with representatives of the concerned companies and the Center for Educational Curricula.

The minister said the step "aims to localize a new industry, support the local sector, and provide job opportunities for young people," stressing the importance for national printing companies to prove their ability to work and achieve.


Simulating Preparedness and Response to Polio Outbreak workshop takes place in Tripoli

The National Center for Disease Control launched on Sunday a workshop in cooperation with the World Health Organization at Al-Mahari Hotel in Tripoli. The workshop is titled "Simulating Preparedness and Response to an Outbreak of Polio" and it's held after the emergence of Polio cases in African countries, including neighboring countries: Chad and Niger. According to the center, Libya is completely free of Polio cases, underscoring the fact that efforts are being made to keep Polio out of Libya. 


Potential shifts in the Libyan crisis

The war in Sudan will have serious repercussions on the Libyan crisis, far more than Sudan’s other neighboring countries. Political stability enjoyed by these countries will leverage security threats, and will further confuse the US strategy in Libya, which seeks to form a joint armed force from the conflicting powers, and achieve a political consensus, conducive to elections before the end of the year.

The Sudanese war could lead to a security situation overshadowing the political one, thus decreasing focus on the election file.

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NCDC prepares urgent plan to combat measles

The Director of the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Haider Al-Sayeh, has called on the relevant departments to prepare an urgent action plan to combat the mea