NCHRL warns of consequences of military buildup in Tripoli

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) warned of continued mobilizations by some armed forces in the capital, Tripoli, and it also warned all parties of the consequences of excessive use of armed force, stressing the need to keep civilians away from armed conflicts.




Authorities raid a Benghazi cryptocurrency hub

The Security Directorates Support Apparatus in eastern Libya announced the seizure of more than 1,000 Bitcoin mining devices in Benghazi, saying that the mining hub that was located in eastern Al-Salmani area contained more than 1000 devices for mining cryptocurrencies, which were earning approximately $45,000 per month.

The Apparatus indicated that the raid on the place resulted in the confiscation of all existing devices, internet and electricity equipment that were damaging the electrical network, stressing that efforts were ongoing to find those responsible for this illegal activity to bring them to justice.


Minister of Education: I expect Libya to rank well in international index of educational quality

The Minister of Education of the Government of National Unity, Musa Al-Magarif, has expected that Libya would rank well in the international classification “Davos” for the quality of education.

Al-Magarif said, in a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, that he understands the popular anger after Libya dropped out of the international classification in 2022, attributing this to the failure of those responsible for the Statistics Center at the International Forum to receive data and statistics of the educational process in Libya in a timely manner, and not for any other reason.


State of emergency declared in Kufra as displaced population brings disease outbreak

The Director of Kufra Teaching Hospital, Ismail Al-Ayda, has expressed concern about the spread of infectious diseases among displaced individuals arriving from Sudan to Kufra. He noted that the Ministry of Health has declared a state of emergency in response to this situation.

Al-Ayda described the health situation in the city as extremely critical, highlighting that a significant number of displaced individuals are suffering from infectious and potentially life-threatening diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, viral hepatitis, malaria, and various skin conditions.


On the anniversary of the aggression on Tripoli

Falls on these days, the 5th anniversary of the aggression by gangs and mercenaries of the war criminal, the naturalized US citizen, and former US intelligence agent, Khalifa Haftar, on the capital, Tripoli. The aggression began on April 4, 2019, with secret and declared international support, and for which the criminal mobilized his barbaric forces and gangs that are void of any national or moral instinct, together with African and Russian mercenaries.

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Weather conditions to remain volatile

The National Center of Meteorology reported that the weather conditions will continue to be volatile over the next 48 hours in most areas of the west of the country, with

New Benghazi Airport project launched

The Municipality of Benghazi has announced the launch of the new Benghazi International Airport project in the Teka area, west of the city.