HCS seeks French aid for Libyan political solution

The Head of the High Council of State (HCS), Mohamed Takala, met with French envoy Paul Soler to discuss ways to foster closer collaboration among Libyan factions and establish a conducive environment for unifying the executive authority.

The meeting, held on Monday, was attended by the HCS First Deputy President, Masoud Obaid, several council members, and the French ambassador to Libya, Mustafa Mihraje.


Libya, Algeria, Tunisia forge deeper economic links

Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia are accelerating efforts to establish free trade zones and enhance economic integration as part of the Carthage Pathway, an initiative agreed upon by the countries' leaders in April.

Business leaders from the three nations convened in Algeria on Monday to discuss the swift implementation of this plan, which includes facilitating the transportation of goods and developing border areas.


Libyan delegation arrives for Paris 2024 Olympics

The Libyan sports delegation has started to arrive in Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games. The team was warmly welcomed by the Libyan delegation's management.

In a statement, the management overseeing Libya's participation in the Olympics confirmed that all necessary procedures and arrangements have been finalized.

The first to touch down in Paris from the Libyan contingent was the shooting team, led by athlete Mohamed Bin Dalla. Bin Dalla is set to compete in the 10-meter air pistol shooting event.


Indonesia promotes tourism at Libyan conference

The Indonesian Embassy in Libya held a conference on Tuesday at the Andalus Hotel to promote Indonesia as a premier tourist destination. The event gathered representatives from companies, travel agencies, and media outlets.

Didi Al-Rifai, the Acting Chargé d'Affaires of the Indonesian Embassy, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all attendees. He emphasized the diverse tourist attractions Indonesia offers, including the vibrant capital Jakarta, the scenic island of Bali, the Ancol amusement park, the Safari Park Zoo, and many other breathtaking destinations.


GNU announces academic calendar for 2024-2025

The Ministry of Education in the Government of National Unity has announced (GNU) the start of the new academic year 2024-2025 for primary and secondary education on September 1.

The announcement follows Minister of Education Musa Al-Maqrif's Decision No. (984) for 2024, published by the ministry on its official Facebook page.

The ministry also released a letter from the Director General of the Educational Curriculum and Research Center, which includes detailed schedules for study and exams for all educational levels (primary and secondary) for the upcoming academic year.


PM Dbeibeh stresses urgency in public tender execution

Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh has emphasized the urgent need to implement all provisions of the public tender, focusing on direct contracts with pharmaceutical manufacturers and streamlining documentation processes to ensure timely completion.

During a meeting with Acting Health Minister Ramadan Abu Jinnah and key health and financial officials, Dbeibeh addressed the progress and challenges of the public tender and reiterated the importance of the national project, which has been stalled for years.


The Economic Potential and Challenges of Libya

Libya, a North African nation endowed with vast natural resources, faces significant challenges and opportunities in its quest for economic stability and growth. This report delves into the country's current economic status, the controversial 179 billion dinar budget, and potential sectors for diversification.


The Economic Landscape of Libya

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Oil polluted beach closed in Zliten

The Municipal Guard in the city of Zliten has announced the closure of one of the resorts in the area after the beach was polluted with a substance suspected to be petrol