Mizdah international short films festival ended on Monday. The festival displayed 21 films from nine Arab countries.

“No Return” movie by director Bashir Belgasim Bashir from Libya won the award of the first top movie, while “Sorry, Waves are High” film by director Ahmed Qurmud from Egypt came second.

“Compulsory Direction” by director Mohammed Saad from Egypt came third, according to the Head of the organizing committee, Ramadan Al-Mizdawi.

“Taking interest in short films and cinema in our daily lives as well as boosting the tendency toward arts in Mizdah are the goal of this festival.” Said Bashir Abdel Nabi, the head of the festival’s media committee.

He added that besides Libya, other Arab countries participated in the festival such as, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, and the UAE, pointing out that the judges were Abdelbasit Al-Haddad, Ali Al-Tumi, and Wassif Al-Khwaildi, while the head of the judges was the writer Mansour Abu Shanaf.

Mizdah short films festival is the first one of this kind in the city. It was kicked off last Saturday and was organized by Mizdah Company for Arts Production with support given by the Libyan General Association of Cinema and Theater.