37 unidentified bodies were found on Thursday in Dignity Operation’s stronghold town of Abyar, 50 km to the east of Benghazi.

Local sources said the bodies were found in Kassarat Road with signs of torture and gunshots to the head and chest.

The new crime comes just days after the discovery of bodies of two Ajdabiya tribesmen in Zeet Street in Benghazi.

The bodies were taken on trucks to the morgue of Benghazi Medical Center for forensic analysis.

In an unprecedented step, the interior ministry of eastern government has demanded an investigation into the crime to identify the perpetrators, which is seen by observers as a political maneuver to calm down growing anger over the dead bodies that are discovered every now and then.

Some Facebook groups loyal to Dignity Operation met the news of the dead bodies with joy, identifying the bodies as for “the Kharijites”, a term Dignity Operation uses to describe its opponents.  


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