Tanasuh TV cameramen were intercepted by armed men Friday night as they were on their way out of Misrata after airing live coverage of a demonstration in support of the Libyan-Libyan dialogue that took place in the center of the city.

The channel stated that the armed men plundered the cameras and other filming equipment as well as the crew’s personal mobile phones as they forced their car to stop in the middle of the road jeopardizing their lives. The crew was unharmed.

The Production Manager of Tanasuh TV, Majdi Mohammed, condemned the armed robbery and the misconduct showed by those armed men in Misrata, which undermines the freedom of speech represented by the press, pointing that they filed a case in the security departments in Misrata to protest such an undesired act.

Last week, Tanasuh TV denounced the smear campaigns against it, saying they are full of lies.