The body of a retired air force Brigadier General, under Khalifa Haftar's command, named Abdelmonem Al-Dibani and aged 60, has been found on Gawarsha road in Benghazi, according to his relatives, who said the body was stabbed "32 times".

Al-Dibani worked in Al-Khadim airbase of Haftar's forces, which is run by the UAE. His family lost contact with him Saturday night. No reason for his disappearance or killing was given.

Benghazi has been seeing many murders and kidnaps, especially of those who reject Haftar's grip on the city or his war on Tripoli. Such kidnaps reached civilians, politicians, military officials and lawmakers as well as Interim Government officials in the east.

Two men who worked as police officers in the past appeared lately on social media criticizing the low-level lives they were leading in Benghazi and the fact that they hadn't received any rewards for their participation in Haftar's wars. They were afterwards kidnapped from their houses and their whereabouts are still unknown.