Flights at the eastern airport of Labraq have been suspended Thursday due to a sabotage act. A security report said an armed man, named Faraj Shatata, came to the Passport Authority office in the airport and requested a visa to a Syrian girl. Refusing his request, he threatened the passport officers with a Kalashnikov rifle and vandalized office furniture and equipment. All flights were suspended as chaos spread inside the airport.

Shatata is notorious for his several sabotage acts at Labrag Airport. Early this month, he beat an Afriqiyah Airways captain black and blue in the airport as the captain was preparing the flight for Tunisia. Shatata wanted his female relative to be allowed to take aboard a huge bag with her on the plane, which was refused by the captain, demanding him to put it in the luggage store downside the plane.. Afriqiyah Airways suspended flights for a day as a result of the assault.