A woman named Eftikhar Abu Draa has had her hands burnt at Kuwifia prison in Benghazi by elements loyal to Khalifa Haftar's forces, reported the Head of Victims Organization for Human Rights, Nasser Al-Hawari.

Al-Hawari said on Facebook that the woman has been in prison for three years and was first sentenced to death by a firing squad, then got her sentence reduced to ten years for the charges of "writing against Haftar and his crimes on social media".

He indicated that masked gunmen loyal to Haftar poured gasoline on the woman's hands and lit them up saying: "We will burn the hands that you use to write against the Field Marshal [Haftar]", according to Al-Hawari, who asked two days ago Benghazi security and military units to investigate the kidnap, shaving of hair and rape of another woman named Abeer Ahmed Omar.

Footage of the kidnappers was seen on social media showing one of them shaving the woman's hair, which ignited anger in Libya with many people urging security forces to stop such crimes that have been oftentimes recurrent in Benghazi.