Sources from Qasr bin Ghashir district south of Tripoli said Monday that a group affiliated with Haftar's militias stormed the house of Musa Al-Mazoughi and killed Salem Musa Al-Mazoughi, while his brother Al-Hadi was left with a serious injury that might result in the amputation of his leg.

The piece of information which was posted on a Facebook page named "Qasr bin Ghashir Official Page", also reported that the third son of the family was kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination before his body was found dumped in someplace.

According to the source, the gangsters stormed Al-Mazoughi's home and opened fire on the family.

Salem was killed in front of his wife and children, the page added.

His brother was seriously injured, while the third victim "Taher" who was later found dead was shoved into a military vehicle belonging to Haftar's militias.

"The operation was committed by the "Libyan Arab army", which came to establish security and safety," the page quipped, denouncing those who still support these militias and consider them a military body that the country and people could rely on.