An Italian woman has been arrested in Tripoli for fraud, the Deterrence and Joint Intervention Force (DJIF) reported on Thursday.

The DJIF said they had foiled a bank fraud involving an Italian businesswoman named "Tiziana Gamannossi," who attempted to withdraw LYD 10 million dinars from a Tripoli bank.

According to the investigation with her, Gamannossi arrived in Tripoli in July with the help of a Libyan national named Khaled Mangoush.

"The next three days to her arrival, she met with Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Ghawiel to seek his help to facilitate the procedures for the importation of food supplies from Italy worth more than 631.000 euro," the DJIF reported.

The DJIF explained that Gamannossi had suggested retaking her money from Libya's frozen assets in Banca UBAE in Rome, in which the Libyan state owns 70% of the bank's capital.

No more details were given about this food importation deal.

On August 25, Gamannossi opened a current account at Wahda Bank in Tripoli. Five days later, she attempted to transfer an LYD 10 million cheque from Brega Oil Company account to hers, but the clerk suspected her and contacted Breqa to find out that the cheque was fake.

The Deterrence and Joint Intervention Force arrested her and she admitted that she had obtained this fake cheque from a Libyan man in Egypt called Fathi Masoud, who was supposed to get 25% of the fraud.

Tiziana Gamannossi was referred Thursday to the Office of Attorney General for more investigations.