The Libyan Special Deterrent Force (SDF) in Tripoli has arrested the Italian businessman, Giulio Lolli, for unknown reasons related to Libyan judicial cases, according to Italian judicial sources reported by the Italian news agency, Aki.

Sources added that Giulio Lolli has been on the run for 7 years and has since been living in Libya, adding that he is wanted for the Italian justice for fraud cases related to a Rimini yacht scam, when he allegedly sold the same yachts to several buyers.

"The Libyan Attorney General's Office did not inform the Italian embassy of the reasons behind the arrest yet." They added.

The sources also indicated that there had been an Interpol arrest warrant on Mr. Lolli issued by Rimini Attorney General's Office for extortion, embezzlement and fraud, adding that the investigation is being done in absentia and will be resumed next January.

Meanwhile, the Italian journalist Lorenzo Cremonesi, told a Libyan local TV Channel on Saturday that Mr. Lolli had been involved in works with many "Libyan militias," singling out his involvement in undermining the flows of immigrants alongside what he described as the "Libyan Coast Guard."

"Lolli is presenting himself as a hero to the Italian and Libyan governments, but he is not, he is just a pitiful criminal who is wanted by the Italian justice." Cremonesi told the channel.

He also explained that they are waiting for some sort of cooperation between Libyan authorities and Rome in order to see the extradition of Lolli to Italy.

Lolli is now 52 and was born in Bologna in northern Italy, according to Aki