Libya’s Attorney General Office: Viral video rapists arrested, Italian Embassy attackers identified

Libya’s Attorney General Office: Viral video rapists arrested, Italian Embassy attackers identified

January 25, 2017 - 21:35
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A video appeared on social media and went viral late last year showing a group of men raping a woman while she was begging them to let go of her. 

Six persons, who are involved in the raping of a woman in Tripoli, were arrested, and the identities of the persons, who plotted and exploded a car near Italy’s Embassy in Al-Dahra, Tripoli, were unveiled by the head of the investigation bureau at the Libyan Attorney General’s Office. Sediq Al-Soor.

“The woman who was raped was Moroccan and the six rapists are being interrogated now by the General Prosecution after they had been arrested following the break out of a video on social media showing parts of the raping process, which gone viral across the country.” Al-Soor explained in a press conference in Tripoli Wednesday.

Al-Soor, who was commenting on many incidents that took place in Libya in recent time, added that upon analyzing the DNA of the two persons who exploded the car in Al-Dahra, they identified the two as military personnel, whose families told the security departments earlier that their sons had disappeared.

“There was a third person in the blast, he managed to survive and we could identify him as well. The three wanted to park the car near the Italian Embassy, but the diplomatic security thwarted their attempt.” Al-Soor added, explaining that the incident is not linked to IS or any other terrorist groups.

“We’ve gotten all the details that prove that the explosion was not a terrorist act.” Al-Soor remarked.

The Special Deterrent Force announced on Tuesday that it had identified the persons who blew the car up in Al-Dahra, promising to give further details once the investigation on the case is finished.

Al-Soor also said that the Attorney General’s Office referred the convict charged with killing the head of the Civil Registry Authority – Al-Siddiq Al-Nahasi – to the criminal court, which will hold the first session on February 21.

Al-Nahasi died while receiving treatment in Tunisia after being shot by an armed group in his office in Tripoli’s Civil Registry Authority on October 10, 2016.