A leaked phone call between pro-Tobruk parliament Ambassador to the UAE Aref Al-Nayed and apparently one of the commanders of pro-Haftar’s Dignity Operation Zintan-based Al-Qaqaa battalion has revealed that the two were planning to assassinate Libyan politicians.  

The telephone conversation, which has gone viral over social media, proves that Al-Nayed was the mastermind of the attempted murder and RPG attack on the house of GNC member Nizar Kawan in June 2014.

Kawan said he has filed a lawsuit in the Office of the Attorney General against Ambassador Al-Nayad.

Al-Nayed also incited his caller to repeat Nizar-house attack on the house of then-Deputy Defence Minister Khalid Al-Shareef, in addition to a hint to do something bad to him.

 “The idea I gave you about Kawan, you should deeply consider it for Khalid Al-Shareef.” Al-Nayad incited his caller, which is seen as a clear order to assassinate Kawan and Al-Shareef.

"No..no, he should end, actually the Misratans entered Tripoli with his help." He orders.

"Ok, sure, Sir." The caller says.

Ambassador Al-Nayed was proposed, among others, by the dissolved parliament in Tobruk to head the national unity government that’s being discussed currently under the UNSMIL supervision.