Libyan Crimes Watch (LCW) has accused pro-Khalifa-Haftar militias of Al-Kanyat (9th Brigade) of kidnapping and killing three civilians then tossing their bodies on the road in Garabulli.

In a statement on Sunday, the LCW said the three bodies were found in Garabulli by the road that leads to Tarhouna city, adding that two of the victims were from Misrata - Hamad Mahishi 29 and Ali Mahishi 27 with a Syrian national - all three work in decoration works.

"The three were kidnapped on last Friday after coming back from work in Msallata when they passed through a checkpoint for so-called Al-Kanyat of Haftar's forces. The fate of one of the men with them, who is the father of the two Libyans, Saleh Mahishi, is still unknown." LCW indicated.

LCW said it was following closely the actions of Al-Kanyat militias and their repeated violations such as the kidnapping, arrests on IDs and illegal killings in Garabulli and Tarhouna, adding that since the start of 2020, it had documented ten bodies seen thrown by the roads.

LCW called also on Khalifa Haftar's forces to end such violations and to take responsibility for those crimes, which it said could amount to war crimes, urging the International Criminal Court's Prosecutor to take more speedy measures to hold the perpetrators to account and end impunity.