Head of Wadi Al-Shatii Military Council, southwest of Libya, Colonel Bashir Awaidat Hasnawi and his daughter have been shot dead in Ain Zara district of Tripoli on Friday, in what seems to be a revenge attack.

Eyewitnesses stated that colonel Hasnawi fell under a shower of bullets that struck both him and his daughter after a car blocked the two from entering their home before Maghreb prayer, the time of breaking the fast; it was then that armed assailants lowered the car windows and opened fire on them.

There was no attempt by the killer to conceal his identity who was later apprehended and identified as Naji Adam, the brother of one of armed men who was killed in an attack on Qarda Prison in Sebha five months ago.

Hasnawi is originally from Sabha, but he relocated in Tripoli after the incident.

It has been revealed that Naji had made his way from Sebha to Tripoli with nothing but revenge on his mind and revenge is what he had even, though there is no proof that the late colonel had any responsibility for what happened at the prison.

Relatives of the victim have confirmed that the killer was picked up by Tripoli security forces and that the killer has now undergone preliminary questioning resulting in the perpetrator stating that he killed the man in revenge for his brother’s death.

On February 24, family members armed themselves and attacked the Qarda Prison in an effort to free inmates, which resulted in an exchange of gunfire, killing one of the attackers.