Tajoura Combating Crimes Office busted a Nigerian housemaid, Rashida Aybola, for stealing 68,540 thousand dinars and gold necklace from the house, where she is hired to work in Abu Salim district, Tripoli.

The Tajoura Combating Crimes Office reported the owner of the money as saying that the Nigerian housemaid planned her robbery beforehand as she slyly passed a sleeping pill for his wife and made her unconscious so that she could get away with the money and gold, which she put in a suitcase and then escaped.

Upon an investigation by the Tajoura Combating Crimes Office personnel, the Nigerian housemaid was arrested in Sooq Al-Jomua district in Tripoli with the stolen money and gold, then they brought her to the Tajoura Combating Crimes Office building, it added.

It also warned all Libyan citizens of the foreign housemaids and the procedures of contracting them at the relevant offices here in Libya, saying that they must be very careful about who they pick to work at their houses and accompany their children.