Armed robbers loyal to the so-called Tribes Army, a coalition of Dignity Operation and ex-Gaddafi militants, have attacked an ambulance with an RPG in Al-Maya district in the road between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya, in a series of attacks on passers-by.

The attack, occurred last week, was apparently a robbery attempt. Reports say the driver tried to escape a fake checkpoint by the robbers who fired an RBG at the ambulance when failed to capture it.

The ambulance was completely burnt out and the driver and his companion were severely wounded.

The road between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya has been declared as unsafe by government authorities. Last month Zanzour Security Directorate urged citizens and travelers to Tunisia to take precautions when driving on the road, where criminals and armed gangsters are active, using several fake checkpoints to rob passers-by.

In May, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Tripoli, Mykola Nahorny, was robbed in Al-Maya when his convoy was traveling from Tripoli to Tunisia. Also, a convoy of the British Embassy escaped a robbery attempt in the same region last year while the embassy was evacuating its staff from Tripoli.

Al-Maya, some 27km to the west of Tripoli, is one of Wirshiffana districts. It's totally under the control of the so-called Tribes Army.