The Central Security Force in southern Tripoli executed Saturday afternoon two persons on charges of kidnap, theft and blackmailing without being sentenced by the court.

This was the third execution in Qaser Benghashir in 2016 as it was executed on New Year’s Eve.

The two persons were Hussein Al-Gadiri and Siraj Abu Hemira and they were executed in the public square in front of the shopping center downtown Qaser Benghashir, according to the district’s media center.

“They were executed after they confessed to thefts, kidnaps and extortions of many people.” The media center added.

On November 24 last year, two African nationals were also executed in the same manner on charges of killing an old man and confessing to it. While on June 23 of the same year, two Libyans were also executed in the public square by the same faction on charges of theft, abduction and murder.

This kind of swift justice has sparked split reactions among Libyans. Some encourage such an act and say it is the best remedy for eradicating the disease of crimes, which have become deeply rooted inside the Libyan communities in the near-total absence of law, security and judiciary.

Other Libyans decry such an act and render it a similar crime to the culprit’s one, backing their standpoints with the fact that punishments and executions must be done by state official institutions alone.