31 people were killed in the Libyan southern city of Sabha in February, the city’s police station reported on Thursday.

Releasing its monthly statistics to the public, Sabha Police Station said the victims were 21 Libyans, 4 Chadian, 2 from Niger, 1 from Senegal, and 3 unidentified persons.

“53 people were killed in January,” the police report indicated.

Regarding the abduction cases, the February statistics revealed that 12 people were kidnapped, mostly for ransom.  

The abductees were identified as 6 Libyans, 1 Egyptian, 1 Syrian, 1 Eritrean, 1 Senegalese, 1 Chadian, and another from Niger.

“3 Libyans and the Egyptian national were freed after a ransom paid, while another Libyan had escaped from his captors,” the police station reported, adding that the Senegalese, the Chadian and the Nigerien were all tortured and then killed for nonpayment of the requested ransom, while the others are still missing.