Sources from Benghazi told local Libyan TV media outlets that Tariq Edbish; the secretary of the former mayor of Benghazi, Ahmed Al-Araibi, escaped Saturday a murder attempt in Benghazi.

Ahmed Al-Araibi and his son were kidnapped last Tuesday from their house in Arid Lamoud in Benghazi by a Haftar-loyal armed group.

The sources added Saturday that unidentified gunmen intercepted Edbish's car in Al-Fwihat neighborhood in Benghazi and then opened fire and ran away.

Murder and assassination attempts have been recurrent in Benghazi for figures rendered as opposition to Haftar, his loyalists, sons or his decisions.

To mention one case, when Haftar was hospitalized in Paris in last April-May, his chief commander Abdelrazik Al-Nathori escaped assassination after a car bomb exploded while his convoy passed through Sidi Khalifa checkpoint in eastern Benghazi.