Jordanian authorities have found the body of the son of the ambassador of Libya to Jordan Mohammed Al-Barghathi in Abdoon in Amman.

Hassan Al-Barghathi - 22 - was found on Wednesday less than 24 hours after his father had informed the police of his disappearance.

Sources added that the body was found with a gunshot in the head in a car 500 meters away from the UK's embassy building in Amman.

The sources also reported that the ambassador's son was in dispute with his family and thus left the house, saying the incident may as well be a suicide one.

According to the same sources, Hassan sent his father a message on Tuesday telling him of his intention to take his own life.

The sources also indicated that the 22-year-old young man was being treated of depression he suffered while studying in the US.

Investigations into the death are ongoing, while the forensics are working on figuring out the cause of death.