Local residents in Alasaba in western Libya have closed the main road to the capital with a warning sign of danger after a local man was abducted in Wirshiffana region.

Salem Allibad was abducted by Wirshiffana bandits while on his way home from Tripoli. The terrorist gang demanded a ransom of LYD 100.000 for his release, which was actually paid to save Allibad's life.

Alasaba is a town located in Nafusa Mountains about 120km west of Tripoli. Local residents there have to pass through Wirshiffana in order to reach Tripoli.

Last month, Wirshiffana terrorists hanged a 12-year old boy to death after his poor father failed to pay the requested ransom.

These crimes are neglected by human rights organizations, which usually report on human rights issues in Libya. The UN Support Mission in Libya has also turned a blind eye to the crimes being committed in Wirshiffana region.

Wirshiffana has become a den for bandits and criminals who are still loyal to the former regime of Gaddafi and now in favour of Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation.  

The highway that links Tripoli with the coastal western cities is still closed due to the kidnapping in Wirshiffana. Local residents in these cities are using boats and helicopters to visit Tripoli.