Henoius crimes that are committed in Wirshiffana are usually neglected by human rights organizations and the UN Support Mission in Libya

A man and his family from Al-Zawiya, who were on their way to Tripoli to save their child's life, have been brutally murdered by Wirshiffana terrorists, the latest of a series of crimes and abductions in the lawless region.

Faisel Al-Wirfalli, his wife and his sister were rushing to a Tripoli hospital to save their 2-year-old daughter's life who mistakenly swallowed a magnet that stuck in her throat, putting her life at risk due to shortness of breath. When they reached Wirshiffana region, bandits stopped them and ordered them to get out of their car in an attempt to rob it.

Al-Wirfalli, who was very tense because of his daughter's critical condition, begged them to allow him to drive to Tripoli to save his daughter, but they refused and insisted to rob the car. Losing hope, he decided to take a risky option which is escape. He started the engine and drove quickly leaving them behind. The terrorists chased him and opened a barrage of bullets at his car, flipping it onto its roof.

Unfortunately, Al-Wirfalli and his sister died immediately, his wife was left with very critical injuries and the little daughter was left with mandible fractures in addition to the magnet that stuck in her throat.

The human monsters left them to face their own fate and fled away. The family was only rescued by some passersby who took them to Al-Sbiah Hospital in Wirshiffana, from where ambulances took them to Tripoli.

The little daughter had two surgeries and her mother was admitted to the intensive care unit. Such crimes are usually neglected by human rights organizations, which usually report on human rights issues in Libya. The UN Support Mission in Libya has also turned a blind eye to the crimes being committed in Wirshiffana region.

Last month, Wirshiffana terrorists hanged a 12-year old boy to death after his poor father failed to pay a ransom.

Wirshiffana, about 45km to southwest of Tripoli, has become a den for bandits and criminals who are still loyal to the former regime of Gaddafi and now in favour of Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation. Abduction for ransom has become a flourishing business there.