The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, in cooperation with the Gharyan Culture Office, organized, during the past two days, the first international scientific conference on local cultures in light of the current changes, under the slogan "For a culture that binds us together," with the participation of several Libyan and Arab researchers and academics.

During the conference, researchers presented scientific papers that dealt with cultural diversity and its role in shaping the national identity, besides the contrast between culture and cognitive development, the psychology of conflict, and the promotion of cultural pluralism and tolerance.

Other papers highlighted the common denominator among the Tuareg and Arabs and the family's cultural role in enhancing the social fabric of society.

The Moriscos and their Andalusian heritage in Libya were also on the debate. The Participants shared views and information on the interlinkages among the cultural legacies of the Arab Maghreb countries and how they can feed into developing tourism in the region.

They also shed light on modernity and its effect on the young generation noting the importance of social media in promoting cultural awareness among this segment of society.