A documentary film about Libyan archaeological sites will be among other films to be screened at the 17th Archaeological Channel Film Festival (TAC) in the US, said the Libyan General Authority for Tourism.

The film will highlight the diverse cultural and architectural heritage of archaeological cities in Libya, as seen by Italian filmmaker, Lucio Rosa.

Viewers will explore during the 33-minute film, the country's archaeological and historical sites, and monuments, as well as its architecture and building methods that characterize Libya's historical era.

The festival will kick off on the 13th of May with only online screening films due to the Coronavirus crisis. The documentary film on Libya will be presented on the second day of the event, according to a statement by the General Authority for Tourism.

The annual film festival TAC will be screening this year around 26 films from different countries, in support of the theme of archaeology, anthropology, and cultural heritage, according to TAC website.