Libya General Association of Culture decries attack on Arab Publishing House

Libya General Association of Culture decries attack on Arab Publishing House

March 26, 2018 - 22:16
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan General Association of Culture (GAC) of the Presidential Council in Tripoli has denounced the attack on the Arab Publishing House in the capital.

GAC said Monday in a statement that the cultural sites are for all Libyans and it is a duty to protect them across the country, urging the attackers to reconsider their criminal acts and the damage they caused to such a cultural heritage.

"We call on all Libyan civil societies to support us in foiling such attacks as we are working in accordance with the law, which should tackle this case as it has been now lodged at the concerned authorities' offices." GAC's statement reads.

Meanwhile, several Libyan citizens, who claimed to own the land on which the publishing house is built, demolished part of the building Monday morning.

"Those who brought down parts of the publishing house want to trick the government in order to have money based on claims that they own the land and it was seized during Gaddafi regime's reign." A consultant at GAC, Abdelmonem Al-Lamoushi, said.

He explained that Libya's government compensated the owners of the land before February revolution and the building became state-owned.

In the meantime, Tripoli's municipal guards stopped the demolishing process in Abu Milyana neighborhood, citing the lack of demolish pass from the municipality.

The Arab Publishing House is a joint corporation between Libya and Tunisia. It was founded in July 1973 as per an agreement between the two countries to pass on Arab and Islamic cultures.