The head of the General Authority for Culture, Hassan Onis has participated in the ministers of culture extraordinary meeting for the member states of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), which was held via video conference on Wednesday.

The meeting was dedicated to discussing the sustainability of cultural work amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

During his address, Onis highlighted Libya's approach to activating cultural activity through the virtual world, amid the Coronavirus crisis, such as introducing myriad programs and cultural initiatives on the social platforms.

He also put forward several proposals to promote cultural work in these difficult circumstances, including selecting two "culture capitals" each year instead of one, as well as establishing a special fund under the name "Cultural Support Fund" to provide the material and moral support towards protecting and preserving professional activities of cultural and heritage nature.

Onis concluded by calling on the organization to focus on cyberspace, provide expertise, and foster creativity, in addition, to establishing training courses in the fields of culture, heritage, art exhibitions, and media.