The first edition of the "Tahala" festival in Ghat city kicked off on Saturday under the theme "Authenticity and Heritage".

The festival is being held in the small town of Tahala, situated between the Mountains of Acacus to the east and the striking landscape of the golden sands to the west. The place is a fertile landscape for creativity and culture.

The opening ceremony was attended by the dignitaries of the region, Ghat's residents and festival-goers from across Libya.

The festival celebrates the areas' diverse heritage, offering visitors to enjoy the intersection of tourism and culture.

The event featured a variety of activities, such as folk music and dancing, as well as different types of crafts. Visitors also got to enjoy the Mahary riding race which the desert population the "Tuareg" are noted for.

The festival activities were organized and performed by clubs and civil society institutions of the city, who hoped to make of Ghat a symbol of peace, and the tourist capital of Libya, according to the organizers.