The Town of Zella

The Town of Zella

September 20, 2021 - 22:29
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It is a Libyan town 750 km away from Tripoli, in the northeastern Fezzan region of southwest Libya. It is approximately halfway between Marada and Hun in the Jufra District. A paved road with a length of 164 km connects it with the city of Waddan, and another with a length of 225 km connects it with the city of Marada. 
Zella is characterized by its popular weddings and abounding in its popular holdings, and there are many herbs that are used in folk medicine. 
There is an annual festival known as Balkanqa, which is after the harvest season (dates) and it lasts for three days. There is also a festival known as (Zella Festival for Poetry and Story) and it is also lasts for three days.

The city's archaeological landmarks

Zella fortress is one of the historical monuments inside the city. It is located on a high fortified height and there is a well inside it and surrounded by sand dunes. Originally, it is one of the Roman fortresses that were opened by the Arabs in the campaign of Uqba bin Nafi, who sent the conquerors led by Bisr bin Abi Artah, who paved the way for Islam and Arab culture, which was reinforced by Arab migrations in the subsequent centuries. The fortress was rebuilt several times. The current building is relatively new and dates back to the Italian colonial era.

* Medwin area, is a very ancient oasis characterized by the abundance of water.

* The Al-Horouj mountain range, where there are volcanic vents at the top of some of its mountains, from which hot fumes still come out. 

* Terza Oasis, which is a palm forest that was established on the nearby groundwater. 

* The Taqrift Oasis, where the famous battle of Taqrift took place between the Libyan Mujahideen and the soldiers of the Italian aggression, and it contains a fortress and a monument commemorating the battle. 

* Umm Al-Ghazlan Oasis, which is one of the palm forests, which was the source of food for the population.


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