Seven oil companies affiliated with the National Oil Corporation (NOC) completed a level two oil spill simulation exercise at sea in the Marsa Al-Brega oil port of the Sirte Oil and Gas Production Company.

According to Brega and Zueitina oil ports' statements, 1300 meters of floating booms, a system of oil skimmers and two locomotives, three anchor boats, a pollution control boat, and temporary storage places were used in the exercises.

The potential quantity in this spill amounted to about 4000 barrels that leaked from the cargo platform No. 7 and about 3800 barrels were recovered, constituting 95% of the spilled oil.

The events of the exercise, which lasted for more than eight hours, were transmitted directly to the emergency rooms of the NOC and the companies participating in the exercise.

The Director of Health, Safety and Environment Department at the NOC, Khalid Bukhatwa hailed the efforts of the teams participating in the exercise, saying it was successful and stressing that the Sirte Company’s selection for this activity was appropriate.

This exercise aims to raise the level of readiness of the oil companies to face any oil spills, evaluate the capabilities of oil companies in containing oil spills, and identify deficiencies as well as the efficiency of equipment and response teams.

The exercise was attended by Sirte Oil and Gas Production Company, Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Company, Zueitina Oil Company, Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Brega Oil Marketing Company, Waha Oil Company, and Harouge Oil Operations Company.