The governor of the parallel Libyan Central Bank Ali Al-Hibri said he approved a budget of 300 million dinars for the Interim Government of Abdullah Al-Thinni in eastern Libya for anti-coronavirus measures, 284 million of which the government spent in 10 days.

Al-Hibri told a local TV channel that there's no transparency and the way the anti-coronavirus committees are working is wrong, blaming the Interim Government for the squandering of the budget.

He also said Al-Thinni asked the House of Representatives for one billion dinars but the latter agreed on 300 million only then became 360 million dinars.

It's worth mentioning that the Chairman of anti-coronavirus commission in eastern Libya is Abdelrazik Al-Nathori, who is also the Chief of Staff of Khalifa Haftar's forces.

Authorities in the east arrested several medical equipment company owners over corruption in the coronavirus file, including giving water in bottles of sanitizers to hospitals and state institutions.

Videos circulated on social media showing people with Covid-19 complaining about the lack of quarantine centers or ventilators as well.