The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Ali Al-Hibri, has denied the validity of news circulated about his job reputation, saying that it is a fabrication and untrue, vowing in a speech he delivered at his farewell ceremony organized by the employees of the Central Bank of Libya – Al-Bayda, to prepare a “strong response” to such allegations.

Al-Hibri thanked the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh HoR members, stressing his surprise at the timing of his dismissal after working for 8 years.

He explained that there were no differences between the Board of Directors of the Central Bank in the past years, thanking them and the rest of the Bank's employees, calling on the employees to preserve public funds and loyalty to the Central Bank of Libya, and asking them not to neglect the powers gained over the past years.

 Al-Hibri was sacked last Tuesday, and his membership and chairmanship of the Benghazi and Derna stabilization committees were terminated. He also called on the Audit Bureau to review and examine all the financial and administrative transactions of the two committees since their establishment until now, according to HoR spokesman Abdullah Blehiq.