Attorney General’s Office issues arrest warrants, travel bans against several government officials

Attorney General’s Office issues arrest warrants, travel bans against several government officials

January 26, 2017 - 19:24
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Libya has lost about 5 billion Libyan dinars because of fuel smuggling, said the Head of the Investigation Bureau of the Libyan Attorney General’s Office, Al-Sidiq Al-Soor.

In a presser on Wednesday, Al-Soor added that oil vessels smuggle fuel from Libya every day, adding that they arrested a number of persons, from different countries, involved in the smuggling.

“We have issued travel bans against the CEOs of Al-Rahila Oil Company, Libyan Oil Company, Al-Shara Al-Dahabiya and Al-Tariq Al-Sareeya companies and placed them under interrogation routines.” Al-Soor added, saying that all of those companies are part of Brega Oil Company – unpaid debt – and that there are fake contracts for selling gas stations.

He added that they urged the Presidential Council to slam juridical custody on the four companies.

“Italian and Maltese mafias are sending oil vessels on a daily basis to receive the fuel smuggled from Libya. We arrested some of those smugglers and they were from Italy, Malta and Ukraine.” Al-Soor explained.

He also explained that the closure of Libya’s oil terminals cost Libya billions of dinars, revealing that one of the convicts of the blockade case – a man living in the UAE – has been arrested by the Interpol after an international arrest warrant was issued against him.

Al-Soor did not say the name of the convict.

“Other legal procedures regarding Al-Zawiya’s Baer Terfas gas pipeline and Al-Feel oilfield’s closure are underway and national and international arrest warrants have been issued in that regard.” He indicated.

He also said that they objected to the deal struck by the Presidential Council and Ibrahim Jodran that saw an exchange agreement of money for reopening of oil terminals and resuming oil production after two years of blockade.

“Solving such an issue with Jodran by money payments will encourage others to do the same to extort the government.” Al-Soor elaborated, pointing out that many ministers have been targeted with arrest warrants as well for engaging in corruption and state money squandering, however; he said, no one showed up at the Attorney General’s Office.

“We won’t say their names because of the current political division.” Al-Soor emphasized.

He disclosed that what he described as the lobby is responsible for corruption in the Libyan overseas investment case, stressing that they will face international arrest warrants very soon.

Al-Soor explained that regarding the letters of credit of the Central Bank of Libya, many companies forged Customs decrees and did not import any goods, while some imported goods with less cost than the money originally obtained, yet some had even brought empty containers.

Al-Soor held a presser on Wednesday in Tripoli and talked about the criminal and economic violations that have been on the scene over the last period.

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