Brega Oil Company confirmed, on Sunday, that work will continue to maintain the liquefied gas tank No. 72 in its primary warehouse on the Airport Road in Tripoli, as part of its efforts to restore about 50% of its storage capacity, especially since about six tanks went out of service due to the war on Tripoli.

The company explained that the maintenance team is working to equip and maintain tank No. 72 with an operational capacity of 750 metric tons in cooperation with the general maintenance teams in the Airport warehouse so it would go into service as soon as possible.

"The reactivation of tank 72 will support two liquefied gas tanks out of the six tanks that are all out of service," the company added.

By getting this reservoir back into service, the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company will restore 50% of its strategic storage capacity of liquefied gas.

The company stressed that it is working to recover and restore its total storage capacity so that operations return to their usual course.