The General Union for Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture announced, in a meeting sponsored by the deputy Prime Minister Ramadan Abu Janah and in coordination with the Head of the Union Mohammed Al-Raeid as well as the presence of foreign ambassadors, an agreement on the importance of launching the Cooperation Forum for Economic Diplomacy, which will serve as a meeting ground between the diplomatic apparatuses and the business sector in Libya, with the participation of the relevant parties of the Libyan government.

The Union welcomed being the coordinator for the forum to urge all parties to have partnerships to develop the Libyan private sector and support small and medium projects to create job opportunities. It also called on the deputy PM for more partnerships and trade exchanges by giving priority for EUROMED countries for economic and development cooperation which will have positive impact on the Middle East, Africa and Europe in security and economy.

The attendees discussed the importance of high level of security in the capital and the importance of consolidating relations with friendly countries, especially with neighboring countries, Mediterranean and European countries, including countries that hosted previous dialogues that contributed to achieving the ambition of Libyans to reach the formation of a government of national unity, whose main goal is to work to create an environment within the framework of the peaceful transfer of power, leading to fair and transparent elections.

The meeting was attended by the ambassadors of Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Malta, Germany and Switzerland, as well as representatives of the United Nations mission headed by the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs, and the Consul and Commercial Attaché at the Italian Embassy.