They were provided with bank credits to import the basic supplies into the Libyan market, but some greedy traders started using tricky ways to gain more money as the dollar price surged to a record high in the parallel market reaching LYD 2.88.

The Electronic Inspection Office in the Libyan Customs Authority seized suspected four customs declarations, which had merchandise description that did not match the merchandise tucked into five containers.

The containers were loaded with few food boxes instead of the authorized shipment of sports and household items. 

On the other hand, the Back-up Squad in Tripoli Port managed to intercept a number of containers full of sandbags and rotten tomato paste boxes. 

This procedure comes in the wake of a hot controversy about the ill-use of bank credits by using them in money laundry and smuggling money out of Libya and thus plunging the country into an austere economic crisis, which resulted from the sharp shrinkage of oil exportation and the deterioration of its prices in the international market.