Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, in his capacity as the President of the General Assembly of the Libyan Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology Company (LPTIC), has suspended a decision to replace the board of directors of the two companies, Almadar Aljadid, and Libyana.

In a note published on Almadar Aljadid Facebook account on Sunday, the PM also prohibited major communications companies from convening general assemblies until further notice.

In the same context, the Prime Minister sent a letter to the Minister of Economy and Trade, requesting that no new changes be made in the general commercial registry for the benefit of Almadar Aljadid Telephone Communications and Libyana Mobile Telephone Companies until further notice.

The LPTIC had issued two decisions a few days ago, in which it dismissed the boards of directors of the two companies, Al-Madar Al-Jadid and Libyana, and appointed two new managements.