Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah convened a meeting grouping the Head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Adel Jumaa, and the Director of the General Administration of the Sovereign Sector, Reda Qarqab, to discuss the state's development plan for the year 2023.

Major issues were on the table, such as disclosure standards, geographical distribution, and observing timelines to accomplish government projects.

Among the key projects was the government's plan to establish 500 modern schools this year and to formulate standards and specifications for their design.

The group also discussed pressing issues facing the sports sector, such as developing the two sports cities in Tripoli and Benghazi and establishing three new stadiums in 2023.

In the health sector, the government issued a decision to prevent direct contracts with the Ministry of Health and Medical Supplies, and in this context, the meeting followed up on the public tender procedures after completing the Bureau's approvals on 70% of the tender, provided the stakeholders commit to finalizing the targeted project.

For his part, the Chief of the Bureau affirmed his support for the development programs, stressing that they remain a subject of interest for his office.